Sunday, 6 December 2009

sky-high heels

Sky-high heels!

The high heels have definitely gone to new heights! I love all the lace up high heels, which are all over the high street shops. I think that statement shoes like these can make a simple outfit into something great. They will not only get your legs in shape, but also make shorter people look taller! What more could you want?

Some people say that it has gone too far and have taken high to hazardous... At what point do high heels become 'too' high???


  1. Got to say I love huge high heels they really do add something to an outfit and compliment the body. They are really dangerous though, think there's going to be a few ankle breaks this season!

  2. Being only 5 foot nothing myself im always in need of an extra few inches and couldnt live without my 6" kurt geiger's! Love the models falling over every girl has been there with this trend!

  3. babes those heels are fab.u.lous .. they really are soooo this season !!! keep up the good work girlfriend xx