Friday, 4 December 2009


Banksy- ‘King of the Spray Can’

The anonymous Banksy is one of my favourite artists. He has never shown his face because what he does is illegal. Most of his work is graffiti on walls of building, all over the world. He makes stencils of his work so it is quicker to get it onto walls. A group of people work for him to help stencil his work around cities. His work is mainly based around politics, ethics and culture.

I went to an exhibition of his, which was held in Bristol museum. He got permission off the museum to showcase his work and graffiti and add thing to various other artists work. Here are some images i took from the exhibition.

Drunken angel!Cigarette break!
On this very detailed piece of art work he has added water and a boat off the edge as if the water is flowing out of it.

Here is various stalactites and banksy has comically put a pink dildo disguised within them!


  1. You are so right...his work is amazing!

  2. LOVE banksy! always interesting and provocative, whether you love or hate his work.