Monday, 10 May 2010

Fashion Futures

For my Design Development & Portfolio module we did a project entitled ‘Fashion Futures’. The brief was to design a collection of clothing for either an existing designer/store or create your own brand and collection, which conform to a ‘slow fashion’ ethos, e.g., designed out of recycled materials.

For my project I researched into all the various routes I could take, and concluded that there wasn’t enough ethical options available for people aged 18-30. I decided to deign a collection for Junky styling, which will be sold in Asos.

Customer Board:

Mood Board:

I wanted to design the items ‘everlasting’ so they would not go out of fashion, so I used a neutral colour palette and didn’t used predicted trends for my mood board. Instead I used Junky Styling as inspiration, which is a deconstructed style.

I designed my collection in the same style as Junky, however used second hand fabrics, that were unused by fashion houses, instead of deconstructing items into other pieces. This would keep he original factor to the garments, however will still allow for mass production.


Flat Drawings:

Nonwoven Project

At university we have just completed our garment technology module. The brief was to create one/two outfits similar to some items in Rochas S/S 2010 collection. They had to be made from non-woven fabrics and to be decorated in ways appropriate to the fabric and style of the clothing.

Below is the 1st outfit and the images its inspired from. The jacket is made from grey felt which has been dip dyed, and the skirt is made from thick black colbond.


Nonwoven interpretation:

Below is our 2ed outfit with the images it was inspired from. All the items are made from colbond fabric apart from the flower, which is made from felt.


Nonwoven interpretation:

My favourite part of this outfit is the fully embellished bra with turquoise beads and maroon embroidery thread, which is the focus point of it.